Which pokie machine pays the most?

The main rule you need to follow is to play in an honest Australian online casino real money. This ensures that the casino does not deceive you, and you will have a real chance of winning. There is not much difference in what pokie machine you choose. It can be a slot with three, five, six reels, with regular lines, cluster slots, or others. All these slot machines, regardless of what forms they acquire, make it possible to really win. Therefore, focus mainly on your preferences.

Dispersion issue

Dispersion is probably the most important factor for players. How frequent the winnings will be will depend on it, since a small difference in the theoretical return does not play a significant role for each player individually. But everyone will feel the difference in dispersion. Therefore, you need to experiment with different variance, if you still do not know your preferences. Low variance means more wins, but the amount of winnings is higher. High variance means rarer winnings, but the amounts are high. 

Which pokie machines give more chances to win

Of course, more chances have those slots, which on average return more. For example, if you choose between returning up to 90% and 98%, then the choice is obvious. But when it comes to such insignificant percentages as 1, 2, 3%, the effect will not be felt by individual players. A pokie machine that pays an average of 98% can return 20% of its bets to a specific player. And a pokie with 95% can return 300%. It all depends on your luck. Abd in general, for all players, statistics will remain 98% and 95%.


There is a lot of fake software, and casinos use them in different combinations. Someone creates a fully scripted casino, where the whole set of games is not licensed. Others prefer to mix fake slot machines with real ones to make everything less visible. In this case, it is much more difficult to reveal deception. Even playing fake pokies, players sometimes have a chance to win, but just as much as the casino wants. And in most cases, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. 

To conclude, winning in pokies machines is real. But the question is what it means for you to win. Small amounts of money are paid quite often, especially if you take those that offer low variance. But if you want to earn more significant sums of money, then you will have to take more risk. The larger the gain you are aiming at, the longer you will need to play, and the fewer guarantees that you will receive it.

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