Australian Pokies Strategies

Poker is a game which makes it impossible to win all the time if you’re an experienced player. As in most sports, there is an element of luck in poker. Playing online poker for money, an experienced gambler may expect to win in 60-70% of gaming sessions. Even in case you win maximum games, you will still lose in three out of ten sessions.

Basic Winning Strategies

There are lots of poker strategies; however, there is no such which always makes it possible for you to win. Each strategy has its pros when playing poker for a long period of time. It’s impossible to develop a strategy which will help you win all the games. 

Each experienced player has own playing style which makes it possible to succeed and make a fortune. Since there are so many poker variations, there are even more strategies. After all, the rules of the game are not that different; however, those differences play a decisive role in most cases.

  • What cards to play

At the beginning of the game, each player gets the cards. There are lots of tables and materials explaining which hands are worth playing and which hands should be dead. The problem lots of beginners face is they tend to play every hand which often leads to losses. 

  • Psychology and levels of thinking 

In poker, there is such an important element as the level of thinking:

  • the player thinks only of own cards combination and doesn’t draw any conclusions about the opponents game;
  • the player tries to determine what cards opponents have;
  • the player tries to figure out what the opponents think of his/her cards.
  • Bluffing

Bluffing makes the opponent’s surrender pretending you have a strong poker hand, although in reality there is an opposite situation. If the bluff has worked, then the players fold their cards, and you take the whole bank.

  • How to play preflop

Since preflop starts every round in poker, you definitely need to be able to work it out well. Playing preflop depends on several key points, namely:

  • the number of players;
  • your position;
  • your starting card;
  • other players’ actions.
  • Short stack strategy (SSS)

Play with a small stack, and only play strong hands. For example, AA, AK, AQ, KJ, KQ, KJ, QJ, KK. All the fun starts at preflop. Here, you need to raise bets to get more money into the bank from your opponents. The more the players there are, the more interesting the game is.

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